In the news

  • Eggers lab in the ARVO newsletter

    The Eggers lab was recently featured in the ARVO newsletter about ARVO travel grant recipients.

  • NSF CAREER Award establishes outreach project

    As part of the NSF CAREER Award recently received by Dr. Eggers, we have established the Arizona RETINA Project: …

  • Retina Researcher Erika Eggers Sheds Light on Vision’s Mysteries
  • Dr. Eggers awarded NSF CAREER Award

    Dr. Eggers was recently awarded an NSF CAREER Award to continue the Eggers laboratory work on the role of inhibition in light adaptation.

  • Mazade and Eggers paper on light adaptation of inhibition published
  • Eggers Laboratory publishes paper showing early retinal neuronal damage in diabetes

    A paper by the Eggers laboratory, "Early retinal neuronal dysfunction in diabetic mice: Reduced light-evoked inhibition increases rod pathway…

  • Dr. Eggers presents work at the Alcon Research Institute Awards Symposium

    Dr. Eggers was awarded an Alcon Research Institute New Investigator Award and presented at the Alcon Research Institute Awards Symposium.

  • Eggers Laboratory hosts KEYS student

    The Eggers laboratory recently hosted KEYS student Nathaniel Gallegos.

  • Reece Mazade defends his PhD

    Eggers laboratory graduate student Reece Mazade recently successfully defended his PhD.

  • Eggers Laboratory students graduate with honors

    Eggers laboratory undergraduate researchers Jordan Roman and Aaron Salazar recently graduated from the University of Arizona with honors.